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Out of the top 20 antivirus online security suites, Kaspersky ranks #4. The Kaspersky Internet Security suite is now known as Kaspersky Plus. It is one of the best antivirus suites that came up in 2023. It provides extensive protection and has an intuitive design. Even the engineering quality of the suite is superb. Everything works simply with Kaspersky. On the flip side although its VPN is not so good. The VPN is little problematic. It mainly shows two flaws, the application is not much advanced with respect to the present times. Moreover it collects too much of user data.  

Thankfully the VPN is an optional extra. Therefore it is better if you do not invest your hard-earned money into it. On the other hand when protection features of the antivirus suite is concerned, those are simply too good! It provides top level malware detection, reliable web protection and a robust password manager. However the password manager too like its VPN service is optional. Moreover it offers one of the best parental control features in the industry. In easier words upgrading to Kaspersky Total Security is really worth by all means. It provides you access to its amazing password manager.

Now com let us explore some of the benefits that this antivirus software offers. 

  • Robust and reliable malware detection

Along with Bitdefender and Norton Kaspersky scores the best in anti malware results at test levels. 

  • Impressive password manager

Thanks to its innovative and efficient password manager creating, storing as well as auto filling secure passwords are easier with Kaspersky. The password manager even supports biometric logins too.

  • Excellent parental control

Kaspersky offers total security and protection in every aspect that you can think of. With its “state of the art” parental control, it provides unparalleled insight into digital lives of your children. It blocks access to content that is inappropriate and even limits screen time for your little pones.

  • Easily customisable to cater to your precise needs 

Cyber security experts are simply impressed with the depth of customisation options that Kaspersky offers. It is also important to note that it also works smooth on default settings.

  • Invincible web protection

As an innovative approach browser extensions that the security software brand offers smartly combine anti tracking, payment protection and anti phishing into one. 

  • Unbeatably intuitive design 

Every Kaspersky application is extremely intuitive and easy to use. This includes applications that run on separate platforms like of Android, Windows, iOS and Mac.

  • Total protection on Windows

Thanks to its string of impressive features, like private browsing, anti malware, VPN, parental control, firewall, password manager and others, it secures complete protection of your Windows.  

  • Complete Android protection

The security provides complete protection to your Android devices with its long list of stunning features like app lock, internet protection, password manager, anti theft, anti malware, VPN, data leak checker and much more.

Now let us quickly go through few cons that the antivirus possesses.

Limited free VPN – It offers a cap of 300 MB of free VPN a day. If you want unlimited VPN service then you must pay extra. 

Limited features on Mac – If you work on macOS then you should carefully consider all your options before buying Kaspersky security. The reason is simple; it offers limited features on Mac. For example Kaspersky does not provide password manager and firewall for Mac machines.

VPN privacy policy is simply invasive – We mentioned this earlier as well. The Kaspersky VPN collects too much of user data. VPN is a paid extra and so it is better if you do not invest your money on it.

In the table below let us quickly go through some of the crucial features of the Kaspersky security suite.

Kaspersky antivirus
Overall rankingRanks #4 among top 20
Anti malware protectionYes
Anti phishingYes
Password managerYes
Unlimited VPN serviceYes
PlatformsWindows, Android, macOS and iOS

Kaspersky internet security for the windows 

  • The heart of the matter

You can be absolutely sure about one thing with Kaspersky; it lives completely up to its reputation. With an intuitive layout it offers an array of protection features to keep you safe online security. Moreover it offers excellent customisation options to cater to your precise needs. Kaspersky genuinely offers total protection to its users protecting them from being helpless victims of online security scams and other cyber crimes. 

Online security for Windows 10 from Kaspersky

Kaspersky comes with a clean and intuitive design. There is a recommended banner at the top that tells you about the security features that you can access and use. Then there is a set of eight buttons. These buttons take you to the main features. However there are more buttons that remain hidden behind the More Tools button. This More Tools button is green in colour. 

The cyber security software offers different scan options. The options include the following –

  • Quick scan – Through this option the software scans every location of your system where malware may remain hidden
  • Complete scan – This scan option scans your entire PC or laptop
  • Scan External Disks – This scan option is meant for USB sticks and external hard drives
  • Vulnerability scan – It scans the legitimate software application to identify security hazards
  • Protection level – By virtue of this feature the security software prioritises the performance of your PC as well as prioritises its protection from different types of cyber threats
  • Scannable area – A cyber security professional who possesses expertise in kaspersky total protection says this feature allows users to select which portion of their PC they want to scan
  • Scan optimisation – This feature scans only the new and updated files that are present in a system

In addition to the ones mentioned above the antivirus suite offers heuristic analysis. The scan technologies that it uses include iChecker and iSwift.

Safe money – Kaspersky offers an extra secured browser to make all your online security banking activities absolutely safe and protected from prying eyes. Moreover the on-screen keyboard that it offers prevents keyloggers from tracking your strokes on your keyboard. but, This way it keeps your login details safe from unauthorised users.

Password manager – The password manager from Kaspersky enables users create, store and even auto fill absolutely unique and secure passwords. The features is free with Kaspersky Total Security but paid with Kaspersky Internet Security, points out a cyber security professional at Softwareland. For users who have access to this feature it opens up in a separate application every time. 

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